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Surgeons Can Now Do Brain Surgery Through the Nose

Surgeons Can Now Do Brain Surgery Through the Nose

Before mummifying someone, the ancient Egyptians ought to do away with the deceased’s mind through the nostril. Today, neurosurgeons can function on mind tumors the usage of a similar approach.

Gaining get admission to to tumors in the pituitary gland and extraordinary areas at the cranium base — the bony ridge behind the nostril and eyes — is difficult, due to the fact the ones regions are near crucial nerves and blood vessels related to the mind, head and spinal twine. Traditionally, disposing of the ones tumors required a massive incision, called a craniotomy, which leaves scars and might calls for a prolonged recuperation duration.

Surgeons Can Now Do Brain Surgery Through the Nose
But in current years, surgeons have advanced a miles much less invasive mind surgery method. Transnasal endoscopic skull-base surgical treatment includes gaining access to the brain thru the nostrils, getting rid of the tumor and reconstructing the tissue alongside the entryway. [Photos: 10 Weird & Terrifying Medical Instruments from the Past]

Nostrils up

The new surgical procedure method “gets rid of bone in choice to brain, to restrict collateral damage,” stated Dr. Pablo Recinos, a neurosurgeon at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, who has been one of the pioneers of this approach.

A fundamental increase in cranium-base surgical procedure came due to the development in endoscopic strategies, which include using a tiny, telescoping digicam, Recinos suggested Live Science.

Neurosurgeons commenced out using endoscopes in pituitary-tumor surgeries approximately twenty years inside the past, Recinos stated. Then, in the final decade, they commenced out performing endoscopic skull-base surgical approaches via the nostril. But it wasn’t until nowadays that scientists superior skull-base tissue reconstruction strategies.
Performing transnasal brain surgeries calls for two humans to perform on the affected person on the identical time: a neurosurgeon to carry out the surgical remedy, and every other health practitioner — commonly an ear, nostril and throat specialist (ENT) — to control the endoscope.

“It’s without a doubt like a marriage or a dance partnership,” Recinos stated. “You want to discover ways to dance without stepping on each other’s ft.”

Recinos works with Dr. Raj Sindwani, an ENT at Cleveland Clinic.

During a surgical procedure, Sindwani first snakes his devices through the nostrils to the sinuses and eliminates skinny bony partition that separates the pinnacle nose from the skull base. Then, he opens the mind’s surrounding membranes, “and we’re into the mind,” Sindwani said.

Next, Recinos goes in and removes the tumor, using the endoscope and a thoughts navigation device.

Finally, the surgeons retrace their tracks and reconstruct the tissue that grow to be damaged at some stage in access. [Watch a Brain Surgery Through the Nose (Video)]

Two surgeons, 4 fingers

“This method become first introduced much less than 10 years within the past, and only a few centers are doing it to a immoderate level,” Sindwani knowledgeable Live Science. “What’s precise to what we’re doing is, we do now not tag inside and outside — we’re there the whole time and doing it as a blended approach. It’s a -doctor, 4-hand technique.”

Compared with traditional craniotomies, the transnasal approach allows for more complete tumor removal, Recinos said. But pituitary tumors are usually benign, so it isn’t always essential to get every remaining cellular, he stated.

The new method may additionally reduce the period of time sufferers spend within the health facility after surgical treatment, as compared with sufferers recuperating from craniotomies, despite the fact that research is ongoing, Recinos said.

Like all surgical procedures, the transnasal skull-base surgical procedure includes risks, which incorporates bleeding, contamination, stroke, harm to optic nerves (that can result in blindness) and specific nerves, and leakage of spinal fluid if the hollow on the cranium base is not well sealed.

But having the endoscope and navigation gear facilitates decrease the ones risks with the aid of supplying higher visualization, Recinos said.

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